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At Centerline Frame & Auto, we are the go-to destination when alignment seems impossible. With over 30 years of experience as a frame shop, we bring a unique perspective on how the chassis, steering, and suspension intricately work together. Our expertise allows us to handle challenging alignment situations that others might struggle with.

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What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment involves diagnosing and correcting the angles that impact your vehicle's performance on the road. Every vehicle is designed to operate within specific alignment tolerances to optimize handling and tire wear. However, over time, alignment angles can change due to regular wear and tear from driving. For Front Wheel Drive vehicles, proper handling and maximum tire wear often require aligning both the front and rear wheels in a standard four-wheel alignment.

Some vehicles are manufactured without provisions to adjust critical alignment angles. In such cases, aftermarket alignment products and services offer adjustability for these angles. If your vehicle is non-adjustable, we may recommend one or more of our add-on services to ensure proper alignment.

Centerline Frame & Auto's Alignment Services

Standard Thrust Alignment:

What's done:

  • Angle readings on all four wheels.
  • Centering the steering wheel.
  • Referencing front wheels to the rear thrust line and setting them to specifications.

Result: All four wheels are parallel, and the steering wheel is centered (illustration exaggerates conditions for demonstration purposes).

Wheel alignment 001-01

Standard Four Wheel Alignment:

This involves setting the alignment angles on all four wheels so that they are positioned straight ahead and parallel, with the vehicle's steering wheel centered.

What's done:

  • Angle readings on all four wheels.
  • Setting the rear wheels to specification (rear thrust line corresponds to the vehicle's center line).
  • Centering the steering wheel.
  • Referencing front wheels to the rear thrust line and setting them to specifications.

Result: All four wheels are positioned straight ahead and parallel, and the steering wheel is centered.

4 Wheel Alignment

European Wheel Alignments:

European cars are renowned for their high performance and luxury. However, they can experience misalignment from potholes or road obstacles. Avoid leaving your expensive European car in the hands of inexperienced mechanics. At Centerline Frame & Auto, we specialize in wheel alignments for European cars, ensuring precise repair and maintenance.

4 Wheel Alignment

One-Ton or Less Truck Alignments:

Proper wheel alignment for trucks is crucial for safe operation, improved fuel mileage, and extended tire life. We specialize in wheel alignments for large trucks weighing one-ton and under.

Alignment Service

Lifted, Lowered, or Modified Vehicle Alignments:

If you've recently made changes to your vehicle's suspension, such as lifting, lowering, or modifications, a post-lift wheel alignment is necessary. This adjustment ensures your tires meet the road at the correct angle, leading to better steering, smoother driving, and increased tire life.

Wheel Alignments - Cool Cars_0006_IMG_6813

Lowered Car Wheel Alignments:

Lowering a car changes its wheel-tire fitment geometry. Improper alignment can result in premature or extreme wear patterns, affecting the car's performance on corners, potholes, or speed bumps.

Wheel Alignments - Cool Cars_0011_IMG_6802

Classic Car and Corvette Wheel Alignments:

We offer specialized alignment services for classic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and Corvettes. Our technicians are experienced in handling alignments for vehicles manufactured over 25 years ago. Proper alignment ensures optimal performance, stability, fuel efficiency, and longer tire life for your cherished classics.

Wheel Alignments - Cool Cars_0004_PC260045

Don't delay your wheel alignment! Confirm your appointment today at Centerline Frame & Auto, where we use factory-certified components and expertise to get your vehicle back on the road in top condition.

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