Rust Repair

If you're prepared to permanently eliminate that troublesome rust, Centerline Frame and Auto is here to lend a hand. Our skilled team boasts the necessary fabrication skills and advanced tools to safely and efficiently eradicate all rust from your vehicle's frame. Count on us to deliver a reliable and effective rust removal service.

Vehicle Rust Repair

Residing in the salt belt often exposes vehicles to increased rust risks caused by road salts, snow, and harsh winter conditions. Frame rust is a common consequence in this environment, typically resulting from obstructed or absent drain holes that allow air and moisture to accumulate within the frame rails. If left unaddressed, rust can rapidly spread and compromise the long-term integrity of the vehicle. However, it's important to note that frame rust, though daunting, is not an irreparable issue. Even with existing frame rust, minor repairs can contribute to restoring the vehicle's condition, while implementing proper maintenance techniques can help limit further deterioration. Don't let the fear of frame rust hinder you from caring for your car and extending its lifespan. By taking a few practical measures, you can bid farewell to expensive repairs and ensure your vehicle's well-being.

Accumulation of water, road salt, and dirt inside the vehicle frame has been a persistent concern for vehicle owners. If left unattended, these materials can lead to rust and corrosion, jeopardizing the frame's strength and potentially causing accidents or failures. To prevent this costly and hazardous issue, we proactively address it by installing multiple drain holes in the frame. These drain holes facilitate swift drainage of any liquids, promoting safety and preventing future expensive repairs due to rust damage.


Proper surface preparation is vital for successful welding projects. Our process begins by removing rotted areas and thoroughly cleaning the frame, eliminating debris and loose rust. This meticulous preparation creates a smooth, weldable surface that enhances durability and longevity. The end result is a welded product that withstands various weather conditions and boasts an improved aesthetic. With our emphasis on well-prepared surfaces, projects become more manageable and yield long-lasting outcomes.

The Solution

When you bring your vehicle to us, here's what you can expect from our typical installation process:

Before tackling any rust issues, we conduct a meticulous inspection of the frame. By elevating the vehicle on a lift, we ensure that no rust goes unnoticed and that every potential problem is addressed. Together, we go over every inch to ensure comprehensive treatment.

To eliminate problem areas entirely, the first step involves cutting out the rotted sections. This creates a solid foundation for the restoration process. Equally important is the thorough cleaning of the frame. We take no shortcuts here and perform a meticulous job, ensuring that all areas within the frame are completely free of debris and loose rust. This careful cleaning process, when done correctly, minimizes the risk of future issues.
Frame Rust Repair

To effectively repair rusted or rotted areas, our process involves thorough metal cleaning and preparation to create a weldable surface. We then carefully fit and weld all the components back together, ensuring precise alignment for optimal durability. Any hardware that has rusted is replaced to prevent future damage. Our meticulous welding techniques guarantee a secure and long-lasting result.


With our 3-step undercoat protection process, we ensure comprehensive coverage of your repair area, providing long-lasting defense against rust. The process begins with meticulous spot sanding and the application of wax and grease remover to ensure a clean surface, free from any residue. Next, we apply a high-quality primer to establish a strong foundation for the finish coats. Lastly, we expertly spray on a robust undercoat that acts as a barrier against road debris and corrosion. Our meticulous process guarantees that your repair area remains resilient and protected from environmental elements, preventing future rust and damage.


For long-lasting vehicle performance, our skilled team is ready to assist you! With expertise in rust removal and fabrication, we efficiently eliminate all rust from your vehicle. Utilizing specialized tools and techniques, we swiftly restore your vehicle to its original condition. Our services prioritize your safety and ensure a reliable ride for many miles to come!

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