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When it comes to collision repair, Centerline Frame and Auto is your ultimate solution. Our team of highly skilled technicians is equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology, including Chief Frame Machines, to handle various collision repairs with utmost precision and efficiency. Whether your vehicle needs frame damage repairs or roll-over damage repairs, we have got you covered! Get in touch with us to get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Understanding the Importance of Frame Repair:

After a major accident, getting your frame repaired and realigned is essential. Surprisingly, about half of all accidents require frame repair. At Centerline Frame and Auto, we utilize Chief Frame Machines to expertly bend and pull your frame back to its perfect condition. Even a low-speed collision can easily throw your frame out of alignment. But don't worry; we have the technology and expertise to fix it!

The Purpose of Vehicle Crumpling:

You might wonder why your car crumples even in low-impact collisions. The answer lies in protection. Modern vehicles are designed to crumple more than older models made of different materials. This intentional crumpling absorbs more of the crash's shock, protecting you and anyone else in the cabin from severe injuries in most cases.


Consequences of Driving on a Misaligned Frame:

Driving on a misaligned frame can lead to significant problems for your vehicle. It affects your balance, alignment, tires, and suspension, causing your vehicle to drift and compromising overall driving performance and safety.

Our Chief Frame Machines: Your Ticket to Precision Repairs

At Centerline Frame and Auto, we take pride in our Chief Frame Machines, offering the fastest and most accurate frame repairs in the industry. These cutting-edge machines provide computerized measurements of your vehicle's frame, allowing us to push and pull the frame precisely back to its correct measurements. Our skilled technicians focus on specific areas of your frame, ensuring the most precise and reliable repair possible.


Types of Vehicle Frame Damage We Address:

Sagging or Twisted Frame: Look out for gaps in the body, as uneven parts in the build of a car frame can cause sections of the vehicle to lean. If left unattended, these gaps can lead to faster tire and coil wear. Frame straighteners effectively fix minor frame damage using a leverage process.

Frame Damage_0002_Vector Smart Object
Frame Damage_0003_Vector Smart Object

Diamond Frame Misalignment: In a straight frame, when the center box is measured diagonally, the measurements are equal, forming a perfect square, which ensures precise mounting for the suspension. However, if one frame rail is pushed out of position, either forward or backward, the center box becomes distorted. This causes the diagonal measurement to become uneven, resembling the shape of a diamond. As a result, the suspension is affected, and frames with a diamond shape often exhibit the characteristic "dog tracking," where they appear to travel down the road at an angle. It is rare to find a pure diamond shape without other damage. Additionally, when frame rails move forward or backward, they typically deviate from being parallel to the road surface.

Frame Damage_0001_Vector Smart Object

Sway Damage: Sway damage causes the vehicle to lean to one side, impacting steering and overall vehicle performance. Our frame straightening process corrects the sway, eliminating vibrations and ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Frame Damage_0000_Vector Smart Object

Mashed Frame Repair: A head-on or rear-end collision often results in mash frame damage, where the impact causes the frame to crumple inward on itself. This type of damage is characterized by a portion of the unibody frame being shorter than the manufacturer's specifications. Common signs of mash frame damage include distortion or wrinkles in the hood, fenders, rails, or frame horns. Unfortunately, a mashed frame can have a ripple effect, leading to damage in other areas of the vehicle.

Leaving mash damage unattended can have severe consequences, causing significant wear and tear on other vehicle components. However, for modern cars, the repair process is relatively straightforward if only one section of the vehicle is affected. In such cases, the damaged section of the frame can be replaced to restore the structural integrity of the vehicle. Timely attention to mash frame damage is crucial to prevent further complications and ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle on the road.

Comprehensive Frame & Collision Repair Services:

At Centerline Frame and Auto, we offer a comprehensive range of frame and collision repair services, including:

- Frame damage repairs

- Roll-over damage repairs

- Collision repairs

- Framework

- Body pulls

- Dent repairs

- Damage repairs

- Welding services

- Spot repairs

- MIG welding

- Custom chassis work

Considering Frame Straightening:

If you've been involved in a collision, you may wonder whether straightening your vehicle's frame is a viable option. While most insurance companies might recommend totaling your vehicle after severe accidents, there are instances where frame straightening can save you thousands of dollars. To determine the best solution for your vehicle, it's essential to have our expert technicians evaluate the frame damage thoroughly.

Frame Straightening_0027_IMG_6732

Addressing Serious Frame Damage:

The vehicle's frame provides strength and stability, especially during an accident. Any compromise to the frame's integrity is referred to as "frame damage," which can relate to any part of your vehicle's frame.

Is Frame Straightening Safe?

When performed properly, frame straightening can make the frame just as safe as it was before the accident, and in some cases, even stronger.

Frame Straightening_0012_IMG_6706

The Frame Straightening Process:

At Centerline Frame and Auto, our frame straightening process involves using a frame machine equipped with upright towers that rotate 360-degrees to work on different parts of your frame. Utilizing sonic senders or computerized lasers, we assess the frame structure beyond what the naked eye can see, ensuring precise alignment. Our skilled mechanics attach chains to the points of the frame requiring straightening, and hydraulic equipment increases tension on these chains to pull the frame back into shape. Through this meticulous process, which may involve cutting, welding, and shaping, we align the frame until it meets the automaker's specifications, ensuring your vehicle drives appropriately.

Frame Straightening_0009_IMG_6734

At Centerline Frame and Auto, we pride ourselves on being your trusted professional collision repair service provider. With our highly skilled technicians and advanced Chief Frame Machines, we deliver reliable, efficient, and precise frame repairs for various types of damage. Whether you need frame damage repairs, roll-over damage repairs, or any other collision-related service, we have the expertise to get your vehicle back on the road with safety and confidence. Trust Centerline Frame and Auto for comprehensive frame and collision repair solutions, ensuring a safe and smooth ride for every journey ahead. Get in touch with us today to experience top-quality service that exceeds your expectations.

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